Just in case I didn’t get it the first time

I’m stubborn. I know this. I’m a taurus. It’s who we are. It typically takes me a couple of months of talking about something before I really actually do it. Annoying, yes. But when I finally take any sort of action, hot damn, I do not look back. I stand by allllll of my decisions … and I damn well better, since they take me long enough.

So. After the recent health scare, you’d think that I would be all over getting my shit together. Let’s talk nutrition. Let’s talk exercise. Let’s talk not devoting my entire life to Corporate Behemoth.

Ok. I’m on it. But I was tired, and I had a reaction to the tape from my aspirations (I aspire to not have an itchy rash on my boob. Dare to dream!). I was gathering my mental troops. It had only been three days, ok?

And then? Then I received further confirmation that the warranty on this body has officially expired.

I had some blood work of the “oh, let’s just get a baseline” variety done.

I have high LDL cholesterol. And I have an underactive thyroid.

I am flippin’ falling apart.

Actually, with the thyroid, part of me is relieved. Maybe there’s a real, physical reason why I’m tired and out of sorts all the damn time. And if there’s a concrete way to fix that, well, hallelujah.

I’m having a complete nutritional workup done in the morning. And the last two mornings, I’ve walked for half an hour. This is going to be my new MO.

I’m not overweight by any stretch – which is why my body falling apart is sort of hard to wrap my arms around. But I think the bottom line is that I’ve been working so much that I’ve accepted all this stress into my life … and all I have to show for it is a body that is literally revolting. I’m like those guys who eat fried food three meals a day for 50 years and then have a heart attack. Except I’m 31 and I weigh 120 pounds.

I guess I’m just a delicate little flower.

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