Fat, stupid and broke

Sounds like a great lead-in for a dating profile, don’t you think?

I realized last week that I’ve developed a bit of a gut. This is unacceptable. I’m hoping the walking will diminish this eyesore. So, that’s the fat.

The stupid is that I knew I was going to owe some serious kizzash to the IRS. I knew it. But I was sort of blithely bobbing along, figuring that it would be OK.

Which leads us to broke. I owe various and sundry governmental agencies more tax money than I actually made my first year as a sole proprietor. Like, enough to buy a car. A car with power locks and cruise control.

I spent four and a half hours with my tax dude today. And he’s going to look at my returns again in a vain attempt to whittle the number down even a teensy bit. I guess the positive thing is that if I can’t afford groceries, the gut should diminish pretty quickly, eh?

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