I like Monday.

This week, I like Monday is all about my love of cheesy 80s movies and my love of animals.

My all-time guiltiest of guilty pleasures is Flashdance. “I want … so much!” The dialogue is horrible, the plot is completely implausible, and the music is one giant cliche.

In other words, Flashdance is celluloid perfection.

Another strong contender in the race for Cha Cha’s cheesiest 80s movie is The Karate Kid. Tell me you don’t laugh at and completely appreciate any dude who dresses as a shower for Halloween. Brilliant!

I also like animals, right? I prefer dogs, but have been known to appreciate any cat who doesn’t get all up in my grill to share allergic goodness.

So. Combine the 80s cheese factor and a cat. Turn up the sound. And prepare to be dazzled.

You’re the best! Around!

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