Well, how did I get here, part deux

The eHarmonizing is ok. I’ve traded questions with one dude. Based on five extremely basic questions like “What’s your ideal date?,” he doesn’t seem like a serial killer. Yet.

It’s just surreal. I’m “getting to know” someone by asking if they’d prefer Paris or Hawaii as a vacation destination. How the hell did this happen?

In a moment of self-indulgence, I checked out He Who Shall Not Be Named’s match.com profile. He’s added some new pictures, including one of a golden retriever puppy sitting on a chair.

Now, I am allllll about the canines. I love me some dogs. But this particular adorable pup with fluffy fur and Princess Di eyes?

I am indifferent.

The pup is sitting in a chair in my old living room. And I look at this photo and think, “I bought that cushion and that pillow. The cushion came from Target. I don’t remember where I got the pillow, but it used to be on the couch with those velour pillows…”

And now I’m seeing my former living room as a staging area for dating site photos for the man that I once thought was my soul mate.

I honestly don’t think I’m hung up on him. I know it’s time to really get back into the dating pool, and I think I can really give this a shot. But it’s surreal.

The entire experience of online dating is so opposite of what I knew before. There are no drunken fraternity parties online. 65 of my very best sorority sisters aren’t there. I’m alone. And the one person I who I thought would be around is plagiarizing my flair for home decor as he attempts to sell himself as some ad exec / triathlete superman.


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