The paparazzi’s flash is blinding

Today was Maintenance Day for the geriatric poodle. He had a day of beauty at the spa. And he had his monthly eye check with the vet. The vet with whom I am secretly in lurve.

Dear Dr. Vet:
I know you are old enough to be my dad and drive a decidedly unmasculine purple pick-up, but I am enamored with you and have been for the last six years even though I know it would never work out between us but I don’t care because I lurve you.
Cha Cha

What were we talking about again?

The eyes. Right.

They’re bad. The pressures aren’t improving, and the cataracts continue to march forward. My sweet little baby is going blind.

This isn’t a surprise. But still makes me a bit sad. Except … he’s such a happy dog. I hardly think that he’s becoming depressed as his eyesight diminishes. He still jumps around every morning like a puppy in that “OMG! It’s morning! And we get to go out in the yard! And then get a treat! This is the best!” sort of way. The only difference now is that he runs into the coffee table as he jumps around.

So, I guess we’re ok.

I had to laugh, tho. Dr. Vet took the kid in the back for the eye test, and when he came back, he reported that I am famous – so famous that my dog is one of the vet tech’s roommate’s cell phone wallpaper.

Got that? Good.

In other words, this pup has been seen for so many different things that they all know him and love him and he’s quite the popular dude. I’m really more of his chauffeur than anything else. And really, I’m down with that. I’m lucky.

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