It’s just not a party without Tom Jones.

So, I’m fighting a cold and using this as an excuse for still being in my bathrobe at 1:12 on a Sunday afternoon. And although I’m being productive doing some freelance work and conquering the massive avalanche of laundry that’s threatening my very way of life, I’m still finding a little time to sit on the couch.

I watched a DVRed Grey’s Anatomy. And then I checked the channels, where I came upon the Concert for Diana.

Hmm. I hit info.

This event is LIVE. Like, taking place today.

The DVR gods note that the featured performers are Nelly Furtado and Tom Jones. And, as is his custom, Joe Perry of Aerosmith is in the band.

This dude evidently will get out of bed for anyone or anything. (See also: Embarrassing Cameos on American Idol, specifically those involving Sanjaya.)

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