I’m actually a really nice person, I swear!

So, yesterday I was sitting in the drive-through banking line, trying to cash some checks. Funny, they were really bummed that I just wanted to Cash My Fucking Checks. No, I don’t want to deposit them. No, I don’t care that I’ve been pre-approved for a credit card. Really – I’m good.

So, I’m sitting there, and I realize that the lady with no chin in the next lane is filling out her checkbook register. While she’s pulled up to the little station thingy. Like, she’d done her banking and was going to sit there and record it all. Well, ok. There wasn’t a line.

I continued to wait. And then I realized that the lady with no chin had completed her careful recordkeeping and was, in a move appropriate for What Chaps Me … reading a catalog. In her car. Pulled up to the drive-through banking terminal thingy. And there was now a car waiting behind her.

My jaw dropped. And then I looked away. I try really hard to avoid things that are going to bring undue stress or ire to my life. But I could help it – she just sat there! With no chin! Reading a flippin‘ catalog! And she was obviously done with her banking transaction!

I finally got my cash, pulled out (promptly, thank you) and the car behind the lady with no chin backed up and pulled into my lane. And still, the lady just sat there.

I saw her about 20 minutes later at the Goodwill three miles down the road (yes, I like Goodwill. Who are you to judge?). She looked appropriately clueless. I stuck with my snap judgement and moved on with my snarky, critical self.

But today I wondered: was sitting in the drive-through banking lane her way of sticking it to The Man? Was she a fun and crazy woman who was just walking to her own beat? Or a menace to fine, upstanding citizens who just want to cash their damn checks?

I’m annoyed that this annoys me. Be quirky on your own time. Don’t make me bask in your freakishness.

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