The plumbing? She goes on and on and on.

It’s tree roots. It’s a main line that is evidently 1,457,359 feet of shitty, tree root-encrusted terra cotta pipe in my backyard. It’s not interesting in the least, except to say that it’s providing me with a mental breakdown and possible financial ruin.

Good times.

So, the plumbers are here for the fourth time and I’m yet again attempting to work while my entire home sounds like the inside of an operating – and off-balance – washing machine.

So, to make myself feel better, let’s talk about music.

For your listening and making-fun-of-Cha-Cha pleasure, here are some of the more interesting ditties on my ipod.

Living inside myself – Gino Vanelli
Mr. Wonderful has already proclaimed his love for Gino. Why this Canadian with Louis IVX hair didn’t become a huge superstar is, in fact, a mystery.

I’ll be there for you – Bon Jovi
This was my very favoritest song evah in eighth grade. I know Jon Bon Jovi didn’t mean to miss my birthday – he wishes he’d seen me blow those candles out. Whoooooo-hoo!

Merry Christmas from the family – Robert Earl Keen
The best holiday song ever. A song for the people. Seriously. Why don’t more Christmas songs talk about bloody marys and tampons? I savor this one year-round.

Roll with the changes – REO Speedwagon
Contrary to popular belief – and this list – I’m not 50 years old. I’m 32, so screw you. This song is on my “Deadline!” mix and makes me hyper. Plus, I just love me some REO. Kevin Cronin’s Time Life infomercial is the best!

Guilty – Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb
I do feel guilty for liking this song. It makes me feel unclean and unworthy of their all-white, let’s-embrace-and-look-dirty album cover.

The smell of sewage is starting to go to my head – obviously.
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