My mother is a saint: Reason 9,472

So, Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away.

Yeah, I know.

I asked my mom about her plans.

“Well, I went online and ordered my secret family recipe stuffing and gravy from Williams Sonoma. You know, the usual.”

I hope she doesn’t mind me giving away the secret family recipe right here, for all the Internets to see.

Mr. Wonderful has his daughter on Thanksgiving, which also happens to be his mom’s 60th birthday. My work has a huge deadline the week after Turkey Day. Last year, I drove four hours to my folks’ house for Thanksgiving, only to sleep the entire time I was there.

Yes, I’m totally Daughter of Shame. You can see where this is going.

My sainted mother’s response?

“I have spent too many holidays making appearances at places where I didn’t want to be to impose those sort of expectations on you.”

I felt like I lost 20 pounds.

“Now, Christmas is another story.”

Excellent. I was afraid aliens had taken over my mom’s body, but the last joking/serious comment told me not to worry. Excellent.

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