I have a lunch crush.

One of the chefs in Corporate Behemoth’s mammothly overpriced cafeteria is crazy happy – but in a good way. His station serves up home-style food, so I usually hit it because they let you skip the meat and just get three veggies for a mere $3.29.

Sometimes, it’s that crappy frozen California medley. Other days, you hit the jackpot and its collard greens made with ham drippings. That’s still healthy because it’s a veggie, right?

Lunch Crush is always smiling, even at grouchy corporate drones. How these people cannot smile at him is beyond my comprehension. It’s contagious. And he always hands you your plate with a smile and “Enjoy your meal, and come back and see me!”

Today, I asked him how he was doing. He smiled and responded, “Blessed!”

Oh, Lunch Crush. Bless you. And keep making those greens. It was totally worth it the day I walked around all afternoon with a big green thing in my teeth.

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