Because it’s all about me. And my chest.

In a Bold and Daring Experiment, I added one whole Google ad to my sidebar.

You love it, don’t you?

I’m sure I will make exactly zero dollars from this Bold and Daring Experiment, but it has brought me hours and hours of enjoyment.

When I flew into a blind rage over hearing Christmas music on November 1, our friends at Google provided me with days and days of ads for Christmas music. Thanks, Google! You’re swell!

And now?

Now, after my tale of discovering that my boobs – unlike the rest of my petite frame – could shop at the Hefty Hideaway, I now have a new Google ad friend.

Plus Size Playtex Bras.

The Internets have discovered that I’m one of their big-boobed brethren.

Umm, ok?

I wonder if Blogher has a special section of blogs for and by otherwise petite women who – through no plastic surgery – lug around giant tatas. It’s important that our voices are heard.

Surely we are a group that warrants our own presidential debate, don’t you think? I mean, which candidate best understands and represents the needs and concerns of the short, not big-boned but big-chested 30-something woman?

It’s probably Dennis Kucinich.

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