Like graduation, but without the crappy speeches.

So, 30 days of posting for National Blog Posting Month have been good for my soul. I’ve had a few almost-not-quite posts, of which this is one, but I count them all. Thirty posts in 30 days was what I was striving for, and I’m pleased with the outcome.

Today’s an almost-not-quite, as I’m getting up at the crack of dawn to drive three hours to go Christmas shopping with my mom. I’m so excited – we’re getting a hotel room and everything. I imagine we will spend at least two hours in Target. And she told me, “I don’t really care what we do, but I’m bringing a bottle of wine.”

I love my mama.

So, I don’t care to get up 20 minutes before the crack of dawn to post before heading out the door, so this late-evening post will suffice.

What I’ve learned from NaPoBloMo:
1. You’ve got to produce lots of gunk to produce a few things that are good.
2. The hassle of #1 is totally worth it, and if you’re lucky, your gunk to good ratio improves as you go.
3. Writing is something that I need to do to be me. I’ve tried to deny this, but let’s be honest: I am at my best – and my most creatively lubricated, if you will – when I create for myself on a regular basis. I feel more limber and relaxed.
4. Having a partner who is supportive of your creative endeavors to the point of lugging his laptop home for you every night and telling you to take your time is an absolutely priceless gift.
5. Everybody loves Journey.

I will definitely be posting much more that I was before NaBloPoMo, although I doubt I’ll drive to a Panera parking lot to steal wireless signal to do it. And I feel better able to share more of myself. Perhaps I’ll even post a picture of my short haircut, per Mrs. G.’s request. You just never know.

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