Why didn’t they sing “Cat Scratch Fever?”

Ladybug’s preschool Christmas program was this afternoon. She goes to a preschool in a church, and the program was held in the sanctuary.

As expected, the program was a hoot. Kids dressed in holiday finery waved to parents. Kids didn’t know when to stop singing “Jingle Bells” – but, to be fair, that song really has no ending. But sadly, no kids cried or hid underneath pews, which was one of the high points of the program I went to last year to see a girlfriend’s little boy.

I guess there’s a big difference between the 2-year-old program and the 4-year-old program.

I was surprised, though. The program was very Santa-centric. Like, totally about Santa. Eight-pound, five-ounce baby Jesus did not make an appearance of any sort.

Now, I think matrons who wear puff-painted sweatshirts that say “Keep the CHRIST in Christmas” just need to loosen up. Besides, I find the all-caps “CHRIST” to be really condescending. Oh, Christ? Is he related to X-mas?

But it seemed really odd to be in a church sanctuary and have no mention of The Big Man.

Not the bearded one.

Well, except Jesus did have a beard later, since evidently he grew up to look like Ted Nugent.

You know who I mean.

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