The cuteness will sear your retinas.

I’m still sick. But feeling better. But not enough better to do more than be mad that Foxie Doxie keeps rolling in some sort of yuck in the yard. Seriously. He smells soooooo bad. So bad that I gave him a bath at midnight on Saturday night rather than subject my parents to his funk.

However, I know that if I give him a bath right now, he’ll just go out and roll in the funk next time he goes outside. And I still feel cruddy. So, I’m ignoring him.

Let’s hear it for Mama of the Year! Woo-hoo!

While I’m generally disheartened that the interwebnets have not yet embraced scratch and sniff technology, this is probably a good thing right at this moment. So now, you can just embrace the cuteness and forget about the funktastic stench.

Behold! Foxie Doxie!

And his darling, soulful brother, Geriatric Poodle!

In making my peace with Geriatric Poodle’s future, I took the very necessary step of having professional portraits done. They are obviously worth every penny.

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