Easy, breezy cover girl.

I’m having a torrid affair with The Spreadsheet From Hell. Every day for the last forever days, I have been doing pretty much nothing but working on this spreadsheet. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and I’ve been working from home in a mad scientist-like effort to seclude myself and finish my masterpiece.

I have discovered, however, that I get more work done on this bad boy not in my home, but in various coffee shops. I don’t understand it, either. I don’t even drink coffee. But the coffee shops? I work feverishly as I try to outrun my laptop’s battery. I have been kicking some serious spreadsheet ass.

Today, I’m wearing a Light and Flirty Skirt in an attempt to bully the overcast day. I worked for three hours at a coffee shop, and was a bit surprised to find near-rainy conditions when I finally walked out to my car.

As I reached my car, a giant gust of wind came up. Up my Light and Flirty Skirt. Which, in turn, flew up around my waist.

I’m pretending nobody saw my rather sheer underwear. Work with me here. But I won’t be going back to that coffee shop for a few days.

Once in the car, I had to laugh, too, because I realized that Mr. Wonderful would have thought that was the funniest thing in the entire universe. Just then, “You make my dreams come true” by Hall and Oates came on the radio. And a giant truck with Mr. Wonderful’s first name all over it drove by.

Is this the universe telling me that my boyfriend has always dreamed of me flashing innocent coffee shop patrons? Because that’s a rather sick fetish.

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