In which I judge myself in a super annoying fashion.

Day four of the 29-day, 29 Gift challenge. Today’s lucky recipient of a gift is … Cha Cha! C’mon down!

I didn’t win a lifetime supply of Jiffy Pop, and I didn’t receive a new car.

No. Today I gave myself a break.

I don’t have to fix it all right this moment. I don’t have to know all the answers. I don’t have to do anything but breathe.

So I talked to my boss about the nature of my burnout. Miraculously, I did so without tears. And I started planning for at least a few days away from the office in the coming weeks.

This is definitely the hardest give so far. I question the neediness of the recipient. Surely she’s just lazy, or faking it, or what have you.

But upon further examination, no. No, the recipient of today’s give needs a fucking break already. So let her have it.

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