More poop! And some other stuff, too.

So yesterday? When I was all, “For once I don’t have a story about dog poo?” Yeah. About that?

I got up from my computer to find Geriatric Poodle in the act of defecating in my living room.

I think he is so cold outside that he just thinks about doing number one and getting back inside as soon as possible. The number two? She is an afterthought. And he’s blind and deaf, so it’s not like he can find the door to get back outside.

I’m just glad I have wood floors.

And the cold bit? Is totally my fault. In the trauma of the last few months, I sort of overlooked the poor guy’s grooming needs. Then, one day I looked at him and realized he was about two months overdue for a haircut and was basically one giant tangle.

So they had to cut his hair shorter than usual, and he just looks so tiny and delicate. And cold. So he’s sporting an array of sweatshirts and sweaters that I feel justified in dressing him in – he’s geriatric! And almost nekkid! And cold!

Mama of the year? Right here.

In other news … I have determined that I can’t listen to the radio. At all. Every song is about love or new love or love gone bad or somebody who needs killin’ cuz they loved all wrong.

I have dug out some CDs. I’ve been listening to a lot of Earth, Wind & Fire, because it’s upbeat and happy. But everytime “September” comes on, I fast forward, because let’s be honest – my September sucked ass.

So, I need some music. Y’all came through on The Mix Tape From Hell. Now, I need some suggestions for happy music. Empowering music. Music that will make me feel good about Cha Cha’s Brave New World.


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