Letters, oh we get letters.

I would like to say that the best thing about blogging is the art of the writing, stretching my creative muscles. But really? Really, the best thing about blogging is the comments. I love to hear what other people have to say. Usually, comments make me laugh. Especially in the last few months, comments have bolstered me and given me the courage to trudge on.

Thank you.

I’ve had some questions posed in the comments lately that are just too important not to address in this public forum.

When I discussed the various challenges that would face would-be-suitors should they compete for my affections on a Rock of Love-esque reality show, my sweet friend Gretchen posed a very important question: In the IKEA challenge is the profanity a pro or a con? Personally the more you use the better the piece of furniture it turns out to be! 🙂

Mmm. I’d like to apologize for not being clearer about my intents with the IKEA challenge in the original post. To be fair, the profanity is a place to earn style points. I’m looking for creativity and a lack of malicious intent. Basically, make me laugh but don’t make me afraid to be in the same room. Realize that much like the dad in A Christmas Story, my old man works in profanity the way others work in clay or oils. I appreciate a good profanity-laced tirade.

On that same post, You Gotta Wonder noted, The key to remember is that you can’t change the person you fall in love with, so you’ll have to take the bad with the good. Are there weighting factors for your criteria or are all things measured equally?

Sadly, I do know you can’t change the person you fall in love with. Because, people, I have tried. As for weighting factors for my criteria … I have to say that the PMS challenge trumps all others. I can live without a partner who is good at flea markets or who can put together IKEA furniture. But showing kindness, especially to a loved one in need? That’s not negotiable.

My dramatic recounting of my blind date had my dating partner in crime Dallas Diva asking the question on everyone’s mind: So, any unsolicited over the top touching or was it all ok? Kiss at the end of the night?

What do you mean “unsolicited?”

I kid! I kid!

Mr. Date Guy hugged me when we met and hugged me at the end of the date. I felt that the nice-to-meet-you hug was a good sign. At no point did he attempt to find my tonsils or do a pap smear. Which is good. And is paying off for him, as we are going to a movie this weekend.

I need your commenting power now more than ever. Any ideas on good, non-chick-flick date movies? It can’t be a movie that will make me cry, because I am not an attractive crier. And Marley and Me is so very obviously out for so many reasons. Thoughts?

Oh, and cndymkr / jean? Don’t worry. I’ll shave my legs. I don’t remember why it’s important, either, but who am I to fight tradition?

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