Cha Cha, queen of all media.

I feel like the cool kids in junior high just asked me to sit at their lunch table.

Yep. I got tagged. Many thanks to Magic27 and Christy at Fiona Foo, who both tagged me today to dig through my photo folders and then post either the fourth or the sixth photo that popped up. Magic27 said fourth, Christy said sixth, but since I only have five photos in my photo folder, I’m going with the fourth.

Yes. I have five photos on my new laptop. Why?

I hope you’re sitting down.

I decided to join the new millennium. Yes. I bought a digital camera.

I know!

Now, I hope this doesn’t make that 97-year-old Siberian lady and Bud, my Amazonian tribal high priest pal, feel bad. We had a little support group going, us being the only three people left on the planet who didn’t own digital cameras. I hope they understand – like Oprah, one medium just isn’t enough for me. I need to expand my horizons.

This, of course, means exciting, life-changing images for you, my bloggy friends.

Hard-hitting photojournalism.

Unrivaled artistic composition that portrays a mosaic of emotion.

Photography that peers into the very soul of its subject.

And, yes, the fourth photo in my photo folder.And a photo subject who is starting to get annoyed. Modeling? It is difficult.

Images courtesy of ME! And Foxie Doxie!
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