Like Christmas, but better.

So, I cried at work today.

I received some mail. I adopted a family for Christmas through a program at Corporate Behemoth. The company partnered with an inner-city program that serves children way, way below the poverty line. Twenty-five percent of the children they serve are homeless.

So, I felt a little less guilty about the fact that I went a bit overboard with my Christmas shopping. I had such a good time! My family was a single mom and her 10-month-old daughter. And really? If you don’t have fun Christmas shopping for a 10-month-old, you are dead inside.

Today, I received a thank you package from the sponsoring organization. It included a note about how despite the hard economic times, folks really came through for the families in need. They noted that one family that had been donors in the past found themselves in need of assistance this year.

The package also included a handwritten note tucked inside a pale yellow envelope.

Dear Family,

All that you’ve done is greatly appreciated. Times are a little tough. My fiance has been layed off yet we still find the means to help who we can. One of my friends is a single mom not making much so we try to help her out with formula and diapers. So everything you have done for us is going twords more good. We are the type of people who try and do the greater good whenever we see possible. We are very blessed to have people like y’all to help when we need it. I hope youre family has as great a holiday as ours will be. In all sincerity thank you.

And tucked inside the note was a picture of a very young, smiling woman with a little girl in a red sweater.

So, yeah, I cried at work today. The thing is, though, that I have received so much more than I gave. Next Christmas, I’m going to adopt, like, 27 families.

And this happiness even made me rather mellow when I got to the post office five minutes before it closed and watched as the evil lady looked at me, then closed the gate to the office and wouldn’t let me in.


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