Obviously delirious with exhaustion and sugar.

So, I survived my day of acting like a grown-up. During my presentation, I even won the hearts of my audience by referring to our content pool as “svelte and sassy.” Yes, I am an editor. I still have the giant zit, but whatever.

After a long workday, I got directions to a Whole Foods, where I bought myself a salad. And by “salad,” I mean almost a pound of all their yummy prepared salads with a little spinach thrown on top to make it look healthier. I also treated myself to a lemon bar from the bakery.

The plan was to throw the vittles in the fridge in my hotel room and then trek over to the fitness center. But, umm? I’m fucking tired! So, I ate on my bed while watching Friends reruns and reading an old copy of Glamour.

And now, for the really, really important thing I have to tell you.

The lemon bars at Whole Foods?

Must be made with crack. Crack and whole cream and pixie dust and magic lemons from a magic lemon tree. Seriously. This was the best lemon bar I have ever had. And it was huge. And I was only going to eat half. But I ate the whole thing. And I refuse to apologize. The layer of shortbread, the layer of creamy lemon, and the layer of sweet frosting-y, Cool Whip-y goodness combined to take over my brain.

I have no regrets.

Oh lemon bar please
Be my valentine; I will
Knit you a warm scarf

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