Drugs and Doogie.

Today was date number three with Mr. Interwebnets. We had lunch and then bummed around this afternoon. I was a bit run down today … so when he left, I sort of rested on the couch.


Yes, you read that correctly. I took a three-hour nap. My mom is certainly on the verge of passing out, as my taking a three-hour nap was her greatest desire during my childhood – and always way, way out of reach.

Sorry, Mom.

I feel like I have been sick 4-EVAH. First the cold. Then the sinus infection. Then the antibiotics that make me feel like poop on a stick.

And really, what’s better than reading someone’s complaints about being slightly under the weather?

But here’s the deal: I have one more day of antibiotics. I feel very “One Day More” from Les Miz.

One day more ’til revolution!
These drugs can fuck themselves!
I’m so tired of feeling like crap
That punk at Walgreens is a thuuuuug!

Few people know it, but those were actually the original lyrics. They were revised – something about Walgreens and antibiotics not having anything to do with the French revolution. Whatever.

So, I can’t find a suitably tacky version of “One Day More,” but here’s a fantastic version of “Confrontation” featuring Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris.

Sadly, NPH isn’t riding a unicorn in this clip, although that’s always how I picture him.

Enjoy. And rejoice in the imminent end of Cha Cha Feels Like Crap blogging!

Image courtesy of God. And Google Images.

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