Bea as you are.

The other day, I passed a church sign that read, “God truly lives. Do you?”

At the time, I was driving home from a blind date, so I thought, “Yes, yes I do truly live. Thank you.”

And I figured I got extra credit because the date was with a guy from the Internet, a guy who had berated me for not e-mailing him back in a quick-like fashion. Upon receiving my “Seriously? That doesn’t fly” e-mail, he asked if we could cut to the chase and just meet. He was nice enough, but I think we would probably kill each other. And, I’m not down with someone who has the potential to be all, “Uh, you said you’d be here 20 minutes ago and you’re late and I’m mad and will be mad instead of asking why you’re bandaged head to toe and escorted by the police.”

You know?

He sent me an e-mail asking if he could see me again. My response? “You are awesome. But you’re probably more awesome for someone else, although I’m a member of your fan club.”


Speaking of fan clubs, Poochie is totally a member of The Golden Girls Fan Club. And really, who isn’t? We used to watch it every Saturday night at our grandparents’ house. As an adult, I now realize there was a lot that I just didn’t get watching it as a youngun’ – there’s actually a lot of blue humor. And it’s brilliant.

I felt real, honest sadness today with the passing of Bea Arthur. She was The Coolest Woman Ever. And she was always in on the joke. Good for her. Good for us.

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