I wear a 6.5B.

So, after receiving more text messages from the guy from match, including one where he said his niece really wanted me to go out with him again, I agreed. I told him I’d do it for the children.

I neglected to mention that you all voted and I heeded your call. That seems like more of a third date conversation. “Uh, yeah. I don’t make any major life decisions without input from my blog readers.”

It’ll just be our little secret, m’kay? Thank you for your kind words!

So, I went on a sixth date with Mr. Interwebnets last night. During that date, I received two text messages and one voicemail – from three different guys from match. Now, don’t worry – I only checked my phone after the date. I’m not totally uncouth. But I’m a bit befuddled – Mr. Interwebnets told me that after our first date (yes, a month ago), he’d had a first date scheduled with another woman from match. And he’d cancelled it, based on our great first date.

Meanwhile, my jaw was on the ground and my phone was vibrating away in my purse.

I am not this coordinated. And I’m not a hussy. I’m terrified.

I truly like Mr. Interwebnets. I am totally the dude in this relationship, though – he’s all “I am so happy!” and I’m all “I like you, but don’t ask too much about what I’m doing Wednesday night.”

I feel bad. But at no point has there been any conversation about exclusivity. And this is the first time in my life (with the exception of those six days in college) when I’ve truly played the field. It’s pretty fun.

But mostly? Mostly, I’m terrified that the more Mr. Interwebnets gets to know me, the closer we get to That Thing That Will Make Him Realize He Doesn’t Like Me – whatever that is. And I’m terrified that that’s my focus, not, oh, say, figuring out how I feel about him. I’m terrified that as he was saying all these nice things to me last night, my gut reaction was “Ok, how am I supposed to act now?” Like I’m a show dog or something.

Or maybe one of those monkeys who play the cymbals. You know, the ones who wear fezzes?

Anyway. I think I’m looking at this all sorts of wrong. I shouldn’t be looking at it as what’s expected of me, and how everybody else feels. I need to be looking at it as me, shopping. Which, really, I’m rather skilled at, especially if we’re talking shoes. I need to be drawing from my natural talents and apply them to this situation.

So, basically, I’m trying on shoes.

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