Tell me what not to wear.

Corporate Behemoth keeps its offices at a delightful 68 degrees. This means that even in the heat of the summer, you need a sweater. Obviously, this makes dressing a challenge. Like, even more of a challenge than the usual plaid + stripes = eww.

Today, I decided to be all crazy like and not wear a sweater. I decided to go with a short-sleeved t-shirt and a linen scarf. I figured the scarf would offset any chilliness from having bare arms.

Here’s the ensemble, with the camera cleverly positioned to cover up the 276 zits on my chin:
Ok. So, today I had not one but two male, developer-types stop me in the hallway about this ensemble.

The first was just like, “Nice scarf!”

Umm? Ok.

But the second? Stopped, and told a senior vice president to hold on a minute, because he needed to talk to me. And here’s what he said: “Nice scarf! Do you have a cold? Or is it winter and I just didn’t know it?”

And here’s what I said in return – verbatim: “Uhhh?”

Seriously? These two guys are dressed up when they’re sporting clean polo shirts and khakis. And they’re dissing my scarf?

The first comment could be an anomaly, but two comments make me nervous. So, shoot me straight: is the scarf a little too Dr. Zhivago for June? Or am I a fashion visionary? Or something in between?

Give it to me straight. I can take it.
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