I totally need to get out more.

Today, I got locked out of one of the 287 online tools I use everyday at Corporate Behemoth. I e-mailed the tool’s support and asked them to reset my access.

The response was prompt. Score one for Crazy Online Tool.

The response indicated that my access – and my password – had been reset. Score two for Crazy Online Tool.

The response also stated that my new, temporary password was duh067.

This made me laugh in cubeland. I replied that I assumed the “duh” was just a coincidence. In return, I received a very earnest response:

Ms. Noodleroux, I assure you that the passwords are generated automatically. I assure you that it was, indeed, just a coincidence.

Dude. I assure you I wasn’t upset.

However, it did make me think back to the two whole days that one of my coworkers lost to reviewing thousands of customer-facing codes. This was after someone realized that since we hadn’t excluded any letters, many of the codes included profanity.

Your new password is sob469.

Your new password is wtf666.

Your new password is fuk411.

Yes. This is what it’s really like to work for a software company. Glamour. All the time.

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