If you don’t have your health …

Yesterday, there was an article in the paper about concierge health care. Basically, you pay a monthly membership to a doctor. In exchange, you get same-day or next-day appointments that last as long as you need them to and a doc that’s always on call. There’s no insurance to mess with, and in-office lab work is included.

Now, the doctor they interviewed said that they highly recommend that you maintain health insurance in addition, just in case you are hospitalized or get really sick or something. But oh, by the way, the concierge doctor’s office features wi-fi, spa robes instead of paper gowns, and heated exam tables.

This all sounds very “ladies who lunch.” However … I must admit that I am really intrigued. The idea of having one doctor instead of a cadre of specialists would be awesome. At this point, I know what I need – I just need a doc to write the scripts. I don’t think my gynecologist, allergist, and psychiatrist should be all that put out.


Well, last time I had my super-fun lady doctor appointment? The gyn that I had been seeing for nine years walked in and introduced herself, saying, “I know you typically see Dr. Ward, but welcome.”

I sat in my gown, about to flash my goods at this doctor who obviously didn’t know me from a can of paint and was speechless. Then, I noticed that the back of the chart she was toting had notes from a previous visit that read, “Patient will practice rhythm method of birth control.”

Oh, HELL no!

Yeah. She had the wrong chart.

Now, as I was leaving the appointment, I overheard the doctor letting the office staff have it for giving her the wrong chart. Accidents happen – I get that. But we’re not talking about taking the car in for an oil change – we’re talking about my private lady parts. My private lady parts that will never, ever depend on the rhythm method. Ever.

But that’s another story.

I’m a little terrified that I’m considering paying $125 a month just for the luxury of having a doctor who knows my name. Is this how it works in the city? Corporate Behemoth is futzing with our insurance, and my gyn went out of business (gee, wonder why?). And yet? There are so many people without health care of any sort that I feel like a spoiled princess for even giving this a second thought.

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