Highlights of the week.

1. Lil’ Frankfurter pooped today. It was even outside. Yes, it was on my deck. But it was outside. And it was a sign that his digestive tract is back in business. Yahoo!

2. My Iowa Hawkeyes? Were down 9-13 with :02 left to go against Michigan State.

And we won. We won! We threw for a touchdown with two seconds left! We’re 8-0 for the first time in school history! I have been jumping around, cussing, and pumping my fists in the air like a freak. Alone. While my dogs exchange glances that clearly say, “Well, she’s finally gone over the edge.”

My parents called me. We are all basically incoherent. My darling mama, who has repeatedly told me, “You are a lady of grace and dignity and shall conduct yourself as such?” That lady?

She said, “Your daddy can’t even talk. But I can sum it all up in three words: holy fucking shit.”

My thoughts exactly.

Today is a good day.

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