Give a little bit. Or a lot.

My Guy and I saw The Blind Side this weekend. It was a fantastic movie. And, I’m pretty sure it’s the reason why I was dreaming about Tim McGraw Friday night.

Why Tim morphed into Erik Estrada, I’m not sure. But after hearing that Mr. Estrada made me enchiladas in my dream, My Guy sent me this most awesome Christmas gift.

Note the detailed Photoshopping. Yes, that’s a representation of Lil’ Frankfurter being in the bed, along with Erik and a dish of enchiladas.

But back to The Blind Side … this family took in a high school student. They didn’t know him from a can of paint. He didn’t give them a lot to work with since he kept to himself. But they took him in and built that relationship and eventually became his legal guardians.

I just keep asking myself: what would I have done?

Granted, the family was portrayed as being very financially secure. (Is that a nice way of saying rich, rich, rich?) But ordinary people of ordinary means do extraordinary things every day. Do you ever really stop to think about which camp you fall into?

I’m sort of bummed this year, because instead of making generous donations, I funded Lil’ Frank’s digestive health. Let’s hear it for ridiculous vet bills!

I guess I just worry that I’m not doing my fair share. And if I saw a kid from my child’s school wearing shorts and a t-shirt on a cold night, would I stop? Would I welcome that stranger into my home?

Gentle friends, how do you decide how much is enough?
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