High highs and low, low lows.

Yesterday? Was a day of great triumph and celebration amongst my peoples. My Iowa Hawkeyes killed it in the Orange Bowl. Like, complete and utter domination.

Thank you, sweet eight-pound, six-ounce baby Jesus in your golden fleece diaper.

And I will admit that when they were showing season highlights during the pregame show? Somebody got a little bit teary-eyed. Never mind how blissed out I was that BCS games actually have pregame shows and gaudy half-time shows. It’s big time, my friends. Big frickin’ time.

But about the time the game ended? One of my high school classmates passed away. She’d had a massive stroke and was life-flighted Monday night. Last night, she passed. She left behind a husband and two little kids.

I didn’t know her super well, but I’m from a small town – we are tight tribe. She was never anything but smiling and kind. She grew up to be a nurse. She was a good person.

So, sweet baby Jesus? I’m having trouble understanding. I can only imagine how those two little kids will ever understand the loss of their mommy.
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