These are my people.

My Guy and I watched the Super Bowl with some friends and their 4-year-old twins. It was educational, and I feel like I really grew as an intellectual.

Dad: Honey, slow it down with the crackers.
4-year-old boy: Yeah, they don’t have any fiber.
4-year-old girl: They won’t help me poop?
Me: … (hiding head behind sofa cushion as I convulse)

The Denny’s chicken commercial was my favorite … you know, the one with the silent chicken scream in space? Yeah.

Of course, I also laughed heartily and sincerely at this joke from a pair of 4-year-olds:

4-year-old boy: What did the zero say to the eight?
Me: I dunno … what?
4-year-old girl: NICE BELT!

Bwah ha ha!

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