Your skin is like velvet.

Yesterday, I came home to find another annoying flier taped to my door. Instead of lawn care, this one was for Avon. From my Neighborhood Avon Lady.

Except, upon further inspection, I discovered that my Neighborhood Avon Lady is named Brad.

It never occurred to me that men could be Avon Ladies. And I bet they don’t even call them Avon Ladies anymore. And Mary Kay Ladies? Probably Mary Kay Consultants now. It all makes me feel hopelessly behind the times – and guilty. I am sexist and I didn’t even realize it. I am part of the problem!

However, let’s be honest – if Brad is the doting sort of Avon Lady, he could pretty much sell anything. A well-timed “Honey, you look di-VINE” could make all the difference.

But that also got me thinking about other jobs where, if you saw a man, you’d sort of freak. Can we beat The Office’s recent male lactation consultant? I guess only male wet nurses would be more outrageous. What do you think?

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