Suck it, Marjorie.

Like any human with a beating heart, I’m so glad to see Betty White get the mad props she so rightly deserves. It’s great to see her at the pinnacle of her popularity – and her wicked sense of humor – at 88 years old. I trust you have your DVR set for her Saturday Night Live hosting gig in May. I know I do.

However, with all the love lavished on The Golden Girls, it’s easy to forget another seminal girl-power sitcom of the 80s. Of course I’m talking about Designing Women.

I loved this show. Loved it. Watched it every Monday night. And I was truly sad to hear of Dixie Carter’s passing.

In her honor, and just because it’s so, so good, here’s my favorite Dixie Carter moment.

And let’s be honest. I have, at times, borrowed Julia Sugarbaker’s delivery style. I learned a lot about being a strong woman from her. And one day, I, too, hope to have the occasion to announce, “And that, Marjorie, just so you will know, and your children will someday know, is the night. The lights. Went out. In Georgia!”

Because a girl can dream. Kind of like how I dream about one day being interviewed about lava. And I will look thoughtfully at the camera and say, “Lava? That’s some hot shit.”

What do you dream of saying?

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