Back in the saddle.


I haven’t written in five days and it feels like my brain has atrophied. I am no longer capable of stringing words together in any sort of meaningful, remotely amusing way. I should probably just hang it up.

Or at least make up a good tale about my whereabouts. I was in Rome! Starring in a movie! About pizza!

Or not.

The truth? I had a headache that lasted three days. And then the two days after that? I was busy not having a headache.

But that headache? That brain explosion that actually made me (gasp) take a sick day? I think it was directly tied to your favorite vh1 star and mine, Bret Michaels. I had sympathy pains for his brain aneurysm. Or, as My Guy put it, “You and Bret? You’re so on the same wavelength. Your periods would totally be at the same time.”

Hmm. What could I possibly add to this post to add more value than that comment?

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