Sleep deprived and depraved.

It’s a rainy Saturday. And I woke up at freakin’ 5 a.m. after a dream that can safely be called a nightmare.

I dreamed (dreamt?) that I got laid off. And the next day, I realized that I forgot to take the photos of my dogs from my desk. So, I went back to Corporate Behemoth – in my pajamas, of course – to try to coerce someone who still had a working badge to go back to my former desk and get my stuff.

And then? Then, I had to move in with Ex-Ex’s bride-to-be and her kid.

Like I said? Nightmare.

But this is making me laugh.

Seriously. The dog’s expressions just kill me. And haven’t we all wanted something sooooo badly and loved something sooooo much?

Right now, as the axe is about to fall at Corporate Behemoth, I’m not quite sure what I want. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involving living with my ex’s fiancee.

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