Life’s mysteries.

I’ve toyed with keeping a “days on the market / number of showings” tally to truly gauge the success of having my home on the market.

Except that I’ve had zero showings. I’ve been making my bed every single day for no good reason!

So, screw keeping track. Let’s just say I’m enjoying not having random strangers traipse through my house. How about that?

I will say, though, that the house staging has caused me to learn the maybe not ugly, but surprising truth about myself.

See, the mirror in my bathroom was a lovely vintage number that could best be called shabby chic. The frame had peeling paint that revealed two more paint colors underneath, and the beveled glass was, well, well-worn. Some places offered no reflection, while others were a bit hazy. It was cool.

I love this mirror so much that I removed it from the bathroom so that there’s no question – this mirror does not come with the house. I bought a cheap-o white framed and soulless number at Lowe’s and My Guy hung it for me.

The new, soulless mirror is lovely. Except … it offers a really, really clear view of my face.

I had no freakin’ idea.

I have very visible pores! And wrinkles! And … and … a grey eyebrow.

Yes. One hair in my left eyebrow is not so much light brown or even blond, but … white.

I haven’t plucked it yet, although I was tempted to either shave my entire eyebrow or plop a paper bag over my head. I’ve been going outside, amongst the people, looking like a cosmetic disaster, and I didn’t even know it!

It seems like every day is an exercise in deciding how I’m going to age and what sort of woman I’m going to be. I’m not sure, really. But I can say that right now, I’m the sort of woman who makes her bed every day.

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