Time management fail and personal entertainment win.

So, evidently, if you kill yourself working all week, you don’t automatically wake up refreshed on Saturday morning just because it’s the weekend.

Shocker, I know.

And if you work in your yard and get eaten by bugs and generally exhaust yourself? You are extra exhausted. And if you take naps both Saturday and Sunday? You can still be tired … and sleep through social engagements. And then you will write the world’s dullest blog post and feel like a huge loser.

So, I’m breaking the cycle of violence. First of all, I’m going to go to bed early. Secondly? Well, secondly, I’m gonna tell you a funny story. Just because I find it entertaining and, well, it’s better than reading more about how freakin’ tired I am.

I have a bad habit. Just one. I tend to repeat things that I think are funny. Like, My Guy once commented that I say “herpes simplex ten” from Beverly Hills Cop about four times a week. Because I think it’s hilarious.

I’m right, right?

Well, another thing that I say a lot, especially in the summer months, is a quote from my darling brother, Poochie. As a youngun, Poochie had a thing for my Barbies, and especially for Barbie’s pink Corvette.

I think this is just proof that nobody can resist a bubblegum pink Corvette. Just sayin’.

Anyway, Poochie’s favorite thing to do – and keep in mind, he was still in diapers at this point – was to strip Barbie down, stick her in the Corvette, and then drive over to where I was playing with the other Barbies. He’d drive up, his Barbie all nekkid-like, and use his best 2-year-old-impersonating-a-woman voice to interact with my Barbies. Invariably, his Barbie would ask my Barbies, “Hey you guys. You wanna go to da poo?”

Yes. And in this usage, “poo” means “pool.”

So, about once a day, I find myself saying, “Hey you guys. You wanna go to da poo?” Because it’s funny. And we can all use a laugh, even if we’re the only ones laughing.

And yes, my mom does have pictures of a diapered Poochie playing with the pink Corvette. I hope they appear in his wedding slide show.

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