And what recording artist are you?

I’ve been in Boston this week for work. By the last day of our trip, we were admittedly getting a bit slap happy. The conversation that follows was the highlight of the trip.

“You know, we had another baby because we thought we’d get another one like Jake. Instead we got, like, Crazytown.”

“Huh? Emma’s crazy?”

“Yeah. Like, she’s only 3, but she’s insane, like she’s high all the time.”



“The best way I can describe it is that Jake is like Michael Buble. And Emma? Emma’s Amy Winehouse. “


“Seriously. Jake’s like, ‘Can I help you clean something?’ And Emma? The other day, I got her dressed and put some pants on her, and she started screaming! ‘I need something in my pockets! I Need Something In My Pockets! I NEED SOMETHING IN MY POCKETS!'”

“Ohmygod! What did you do?”

“I just grabbed a bunch of shit and stuffed it in her pockets!”

“What did she want in her pockets?”

“I don’t know! She’s just insane!”

(At this point, we were all laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. I think I blacked out.)

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