Look at the baby! Look at him!

Behold my dad’s despondency at the end of the Iowa / Wisconsin game. Note the proud black and gold, accompanied by disappointment and …
… and a little puppy.*

Yes! My parents brought home the newest family member this weekend. His name is Murphy and he is a 7-week-old shih tzu.
And holy crap, he’s cute.

My mom says he like to chase leaves, and he needs a boost to get inside the back door … the threshold is about six inches from the surface of the patio. You know how it is when your legs are an inch long.

But don’t let the cute, cuddly baby exterior fool you. The Murph is already angling for supremacy in the family.

I asked my mom about him and her immediate response was, “He’s so smart!” Then she told me all about his potty habits.

I have a college degree. Poochie is working on his master’s. But we know where we stand.
Hopefully, our parents will still remember our names and we won’t become “Oh yeah – our other kids. Wonder what happened to them?”

But really? The Murph is so cute and such a blessing. It’s cool.

*Even when he’s got the “We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed” look, isn’t my dad just super handsome? I like him.
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