I really need my own show on HGTV.

Last week, in the midst of my real estate meltdown, it occurred to me that when all this home selling and home buying is done, I should become a hoarder. It’s like the opposite of having your house staged – you have lots of stuff, and you see all of it all the time! Win-win!

Flawed planning? Perhaps.

But now? Now, I realize that it’s not that I love tons of stuff. It’s that I like to see the beauty in the real, in the flawed.

Yeah, I got your flea market finds and your stray dogs right here.

And having a staged house is not about being real or flawed. It’s about living a lie, pretending that I am one of Those People who makes their bed every morning and never leaves dishes in the sink.

Secret admission? Sometimes? When I leave dishes in the sink? I think, “Yay! This is my house, and I can leave the dishes in the sink if I want to. Bwah-ha!” And there’s beauty in that, too.

My Guy and I saw a house yesterday that is a) for sale; b) way, way, way within our budget; and c) old and tiny and lovely. I’m seeing the beauty – the huge backyard, the possibilities for adding another garage, the amazing, original architectural details. I’m thinking about making due with the teensy ugly kitchen until we could remodel. I’m focusing on the beauty, not necessarily the functionality and the practicality.

But is that so bad?

When I can’t find my shoes because our stuff is distributed amongst four tiny closets? Yeah, it might be bad. But isn’t starting married life together all about seeing the beauty and the potential?

And no, neither of our houses have sold, so no, we couldn’t make an offer on Old and Tiny and Lovely House tomorrow. But, it’s good to be prepared. Right?

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