A moment of appreciation.

In the immortal words of your hero and mine, Bret Michaels, “It’s not if life is going to knock you down. It’s when and how. And it’s definitely how you roll with it.”

Mmm. Every rose has its thorn, indeed.

But here’s the thing, in this season of thanksgiving: I have been knocked down. And I have rolled with it. And now? Now, I look around and realize I’m reaping the rewards.

When all my friends were having babies, I was having a mental breakdown, leaving a bad relationship and moving into a shithole apartment. And it sucked. But it made me stronger.

And I had another crappy relationship. And it sucked. But it made me realize what I need, and how I deserve to be treated.

And now? Now, I am engaged to a kind, funny, smart, generous man who makes me laugh like a hyena. He is my best friend. I wouldn’t fully appreciate this relationship if it weren’t for its not-so-awesome predecessors.

And my former real estate woes? Karma, baby. We’re buying our dream home on our dream street. And yes, it does contain my dream bathroom.Which will not stay this color for long. And yeah, we might clean it. But that is the original sink and the original tile. Huzzah!

I feel like my current theme songs are Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” and “I must have done something good” from The Sound of Music. And not just because of the bathroom. For all of it.

I’m not gloating. I’m just acknowledging. And giving thanks.

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