In which I represent my old hag peoples.

I don’t know if you know this, but Christmas is four days away.

I know!

This means that I’m finally really in the mood for Christmas music. My fancy cable offers many holiday music channels, including my favorite, Holiday Traditions. Perry Como? Bing Crosby? Twelve different renditions of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside?” Yes, please!

One of the holiday channels is called Holiday Remix. Its description? “Today’s hottest DJ’s give tired tracks a new spin. Featuring some of the biggest acts on the turntables, this is the coolest Holiday mix tape around.”

Where to begin?

First of all, I, personally, know that “DJ’s” should be plural, not possessive. And I know that “Holiday” is not a proper noun. So, as long as we have that out of the way.

But “tired tracks?”

Dude. Nat King Cole might be dead, but he ain’t tired.

I know I sound like I’m 35 going on 70 and wear puff-painted sweatshirts and Easy Spirit sneakers. But Christmas music is serious business. The only Christmas song from the last 30 years that I like is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” And it took me about 15 years to come around to that one.

I like to embody “careful consideration.”

Now, before you go thinking I’m a close-minded ol’ biddy, give me a minute. If you’re totally jonesing for a new take on a classic, there’s but one that has earned a Cha Cha Seal of Approval this holiday season.

I submit for your consideration … Carol of the Bells. By The Muppets.

Do you have any new favorites that I should consider considering for The List of Cha Cha’s Officially Sanctioned Holiday Music? Much like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there’s a waiting period. But it’s so worth it.

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