At least I’m not talking about my boobs. For once.

Oh, Summer’s Eve! You’ve done it again!

I have been known to go from the workplace directly to an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. I enjoy me some happy hour. But never have I thought, “I’d love to enjoy a drink after work – if only there were a way to conveniently freshen up my delicate ladyparts!” And if I’m putting my women’s studies minor to good use, I will also point out that the vajayjay is a maintenance-free operation, and the patriarchy is to blame for any shame around nature’s original self-cleaning oven and its accoutrements. This ad campaign pisses me off – like I’m supposed to constantly be wondering if my ladyparts are in acceptable condition for various social situations. Is there a similar product for men? Because dude, I think we all know that that business can get funky. And women don’t get jock itch.

Just sayin’.

Since this ad appeared on Pandora, there’s an offer for “V Radio.” Which, actually? Is pretty funny. But my vajayjay doesn’t listen to the radio. It’s totally more of a podcast girl.

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