Miss Congeniality lives here.

We are back from the beach.

Sigh. It was great.

We walked on the beach every morning. This was relaxing and exfoliated the crap out of my feet. It also meant that even though I had a bloody mary every late morning and some sort of fried fish every night, I only gained a pound.

I read four books while lounging in the shade by the pool:

There was a bar on the main drag in Clearwater that had a sign that read “Tuesday ladys nite / Weds Karaoke / $3 flu shots.”

I think everybody could get a flu shot, not just “the ladys.”

I renewed my love for and utter devotion to fish tacos.

We got back last night to find that Puppy Love Lisa had overfed the doxies all week. They are visibly larger. Last night, Lil’ Frankfurter yakked in the bed at about 4 a.m. I caught it with my hand. Because I’m an excellent mama.

But now we’re back to a house where somebody’s limited potty-training skillz took a hit from a change in schedule. And there’s no room service. And we have to go back to work tomorrow … but only for 3 days. Then, we’re off on a family vaca with My Guy’s siblings.

I have been in a horrendous mood all day.

Lil’ Frank has peed all over the house, none of which My Guy has noticed. So, I’ve been cleaning up pee all day. And doing laundry all day. And trying to get a jump start on my overflowing inbox at Corporate Behemoth. And dear Lord, what does a girl have to do to get some help around here?

This seems like the dark underbelly of vacation: the reentry sucks.

*Thanks Patti!

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