Thankful it’s only once a year.

Remember when my father-in-law reprimanded me because My Guy wrote the wrong house number on a note he sent him?


This is what went down on Thanksgiving.

FIL: So, did your parents ever make it to Superfarawaysuburb?

Me: Umm … what?

FIL: Did your parents ever make it to Superfarawaysuburb – to your house?

Me: Our house is in Tinysuburbwood.

FIL: Oh, right. Tinysuburbway. Anyway, did your parents ever see your house?

Me: It’s Tinysuburbwood.

FIL: Well, I call it Superfarawaysuburb.

Me: I think the post office would disagree with you.

FIL: Well. Did your parents ever see your house?

Me: Umm … yeah.

FIL: Well! Next time they come down, call me! I could drive up and meet them for lunch! I didn’t get to talk to them much at the wedding.

Me: That’s because they avoided you because they think you’re batshit crazy.

OK, maybe that last comment was my internal dialogue.

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