My earth-shattering pronouncement about the state of television today. Also? You kids, get off of my lawn!

I have purposely avoided the Kardashian fray. Even before Kim’s over-the-top wedding and subsequent 15-second marriage, I’ve just found that family … icky.But now? Now, I think I’ve figured it out.

See, I sort of half-watched an episode of “Kim and Whats-Her-Name Take New York.” Or “Khloe Visits Kim and Whats-Her-Name in New York.” Or “Some Other Sister Whose Name Starts With a K Does Stuff in New York.” Whatever.

But I watched it with the sound off, which was actually a really interesting sociological experiment.You know what I saw?

I some some body language that completely spilled the beans.

These people are not nice. They don’t listen to each other and they don’t give a rat’s ass about the other person’s wants. There was absolutely nothing authentic about any of it. And really? Kim, we don’t believe that you wake up with a full face of make-up, including falsies.

Sorry. And Kim & Ko.? Shame on you for adding to the cacophony telling impressionable young women to aspire to all things superficial. I’m pretty sure thick eyelashes and a ball-player husband don’t ensure happiness. So, can you guys please just do the world a favor and go away?

In a striking contrast, I ran across a great article today about someone who devoted their life to using television to spread grace. Not promoting themselves – promoting grace and acceptance.

For a shock to the system, might I suggest this lovely article about The Greatest Person Ever, on TV or Not on TV, Mr. Fred Rogers? It’s long-ish, but so worth it. It’s a great way to purge that Kardashian aftertaste from your system and to focus on what we should really all aspire to – not bootyliciousness, or having a big effing wedding, but being a decent human being.

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