Know your limits. And when to go home and have a drink.

There are a lot of Indian guys who work in my area at Corporate Behemoth. Most of them are contractors who come over from India for a year or 18 months, then go back home. These are smart guys who know a minimum of 3 languages and then immerse themselves in this weird culture away from their families. I have a lot of respect for them.

That said, there are some cultural differences that are funny, annoying, or supremely horrific.
Horrific? The thinly veiled contempt for women.

Annoying? The tendency to send an e-mail, then come over to my desk to announce you’ve sent me an e-mail. Or, the tendency to skip sending me an e-mail, but instead come over to my desk and expect me to drop everything and edit something for them on the fly. Because, after all, I am only a woman.

But the funny?
Oh, sister.
There’s this one guy who is so young and clean-cut and adorable. He makes me feel old because instead of wanting to get on him, I have an overwhelming desire to make him a sandwich.
I guess this is what middle age feels like.
Anyway, today? Today, Young and Clean-Cut mentioned that he and some of his cohorts are planning a road trip for the long Christmas weekend. They are generally really excited to see everything they can in America – so, they’ve seen more of the country than many natives. Their Christmas destination? Mount Rushmore.
Oh, Young and Clean-Cut. You’re gonna need more than a sandwich.
A bunch of folks were trying to convince Young and Clean-Cut and his posse that there are other, more suitable destinations for the end of December. His initial response was, “But, the Internet says it’s sunny right now!”
The guys were being redirected to maybe San Antonio or maybe New Orleans. But then, Fannypack Bruce stepped in.
Maybe you know Fannypack Bruce. He’s the older guy who does testing but asks 27 questions an hour. He keeps two Igloo coolers on his desk and wears a fannypack 24-7. And the fannypack strap has a phone clipped to it. You know, to complete the look.
Fannypack Bruce always has something to add. In detail. And today? His addition was a long diatribe about “a swell KOA near Mount Rushmore.”
Camping? Most of these guys don’t own winter coats but consider anything colder than 50 degrees arctic conditions. Focus, Fannypack Bruce! Stay on message!
That was about the time I left. I can only do so much.
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