Dachshund for sale. Free or best offer.

With all the remodeling, we have workers coming in and out of our house all the time. And, we’re basically living in the basement, since we haven’t yet painted our living room ceiling, so all of the furniture is all smooshed together in other rooms.

If you’re a dachshund with an inferiority complex, all of this turmoil means you’re freaking out extra.

And if you’re a dachshund with an inferiority complex, freaking out extra means peeing evvvvverywhere. Because marking your territory is obviously the most effective way to tell humans and canines alike that you are large and in charge.

Foxie Doxie is driving us nuts. In addition to marking his favorite furniture and bedding, Foxie actually peed on one of his toys.

Help. Us. Please.

We’ve tried the No More Marking spray. We’ve tried cleaners made with essential oils. We’ve tried yelling. We’ve tried putting his nose in it. We’ve even tried telling him that he’s our favorite and that all of the other dogs defer to him and he’s really the alpha but he doesn’t need to stress about it because it’s widely accepted as the truth, so he can just be all Zen and Yoda-like.

None of this has worked.

And after I scrubbed the tile floor in the basement for an hour yesterday – on my hands and knees – and he promptly peed on my clean floor? I have had it.

Seriously. Help us. Any suggestions?

Amended to say: He has a kennel, where he stays whenever we’re gone. This is more of a marking-when-I’m-out-of-the-room sort of situation. Help!

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