Saying goodbye is … easier than I thought?

I’m trying to be Patty Peoplepleaser at Corporate Behemoth. I desperately want to have all of my ducks in a row so that they will miss me when I’m gone, but not be completely up Shit Creek.

Well, maybe just a little up Shit Creek. At least completely bereft.

And it’s hard to have so many people ask me what I’m going to do next, or fawn all over me, or ask why I made the decision. It’s sort of like getting married – I’m glad I did it, but being the center of attention is stressful.

So, let’s focus on some of the things I won’t miss about Corporate Behemoth.

I won’t miss having to beg, barter, steal, and flirt with the leering IT guy in order to get adequate technology to do my job.

I won’t miss the politics. Flash over substance? Really?

And I won’t miss the woman who complained in the elevator to the garage about how there aren’t enough handicapped parking spots. I saw her get in her van with the permanent handicapped tag. And then I followed her out of the garage. Which means I saw her stop, get out of her van, and push a stalled car up the ramp in the garage. Yeah, you totally need that handicapped spot, honey.

So, I’m working through it all.

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