Watching Muppets with me? Life-changing.

Yesterday, I mentioned one of the worst days of my life. Much like yoga, a good blog requires the opposite action to keep things balanced and lubricated. So, let’s get our WD-40 on, and I’ll tell you about my friend Leeza and her kids.

When I hosted book club recently, Leeza reported that her kids were thrilled to learn that it was book club night … because they think every book club is hosted at their house, which translates into a variety of yummy snacks at their disposal. They have not quite mastered the theory of mom-goes-somewhere-else-and-that’s-where-book-club-is-meeting.

This particular evening, Leeza explained that book club was at my house. The 2 younger kids looked at her blankly. Cha Cha who?

The oldest fulfilled her obligation as The Oldest Kid and quickly took charge. “Oh, you know Cha Cha,” she said. “She babysat us, like, 2 years ago? And we watched The Muppets Take Manhattan. And it was one of the best nights of my life!”


While I’m pretty sure the “best night of my life” had more to do with Kermit & Co. than with me, I’m gonna take it as basically the best compliment ever.

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